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    Now THAT is quite a crib.

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    There's no excuse to miss out on any games now! Support the Sabs from the comfort of you're couch or the chanting of the arena.

    About the Creator

    Who knew behind this wiki was a snazzy looking man.

    My name is Hersh S. Khokha (pronounced like the chocolate bar) (Student #6012995). I am 18 years old from London, England, currently residing in the city of Ottawa to attend the University of Ottawa. I was born on April 14, 1992. I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program with a specialization in accounting. My parents are from New Delhi and Calcutta, India. My leisure time is spent going out with friends, PC gaming, watching movies (avidly), going to the gym, and of course, making wikis (just this one). No, I do not still have that handsome goatee. It was shaved off to raise money for Relay for Life, a cancer fundraiser, much to my mother's glee.

    Reflection of WIki

    A wiki is a tool and interface in which users can develop pages that organize and present information in an appealing manner. With Web 2.0 capabilities, wikis easily connect users together to make projects more of a group effort, rather than static, individual creations. This particular endeavor is a collection of wikis with a common theme, The NHL Northeast Division teams. My team is the Buffalo Sabres (as you most likely have noted by reaching the bottom of this page).

    I made this wiki to satisfy the ADM 1370 M course requirements so I can get a decent grade and be one step closer to completing the course. The true purpose of this wiki is to inform and and collaborate with other fans of the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres are always entertaining to watch and having an electronic medium by which to communicate my enthusiasm and support for the team is great! I hope any of you wiki'ers visiting my quaint, little wiki enjoy the content I am providing and I hope I have changed your view of me from simply a number to a more friendly image. Thank you!