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The Sabres Care is a program run by the Buffalo Sabres organization that makes philanthropic commitments and contributions to the Western New York region and beyond. They are genuinely trying to better the social conditions and of the loyal community that has supported their team ventures throughout their 40 years of playing. This includes charitable contributions, player visitations, volunteered fundraisers and fun activities, and youth involvement associations. The various activities they are involved in: Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo, Buffalo Sabres Sled Hockey Team, Camp Good Days & Special Times, Cradle Beach Camp, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, The Steadfast Foundation, and Upstate New York Transplant Services. For more information on these organizations and more detail on Sabres Care activities, please visit their website.

Calling on New Ideas!
When starting this project, I thought I would like to pay tribute to the Sabres by a little more than simply making a fan-based wiki. So what I've thought of is having a discussion, a forum, on this page to brainstorm and refine some ideas for raising money for one of the organizations listed above. The Sabres are setting an example with their not-for-profit activities, and I believe the team would absolutely appreciate any moral and monetary support we can garner for these fantastic associations. I mean, its the perfect combo: cheering on our beloved Sabres in a sport we all love and enriching our society as a whole while doing it! So if you have any ideas or comments, please contribute below in my discussion I have begun. Thank you!

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